The AccessoryInfo type exposes the following members.


Public methodAccessoryInfo()()()()
Default constructor.
Public methodAccessoryInfo(Int32, Boolean, AccessoryType, Int32, OperationResult)
Full constructor.


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Public propertyAccType
Type of the accessory.
Public propertyAddress
Turnout address. This is the address of the particular turnout outputs of a decoder. Do not mistake it for the decoder address!
Public propertyFinished
True if the operation has been successfully finished.
Public propertyGroupAddress
Decoder address for the given turnout address.
Public propertyNibble
Identifies to which pair of turnouts the turnout address belongs to. Values: 0 = turnout 0 or turnout 1, 1 = turnout 2 or turnout 3.
Public propertyOpResult
Returns the result of the previous operation of the given turnout.

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