XpressnetLib contains classes for DCC control over Xpressnet interface.


Public classAccessoryInfo
Class representing information about an accessory with the given turnout address (not the whole decoder, but one "turnout"). Currently doesn't support feedback modules.
Public classLocoInfo
Class representing information about a locomotive, including current state info like speed, direction and which function outputs are turned on.
Public classXpressnetArgs
Class derived from System.EventArgs. Event arguments for the UnrequestedMessageReceived event.
Public classXpressnetConnectorRoco
Main class for Xpressnet communication with Roco command station/booster using the GenLi interface.


Public delegateXpressnetConnectorRoco..::..UnrequestedMessageHandler
Delegate for the unrequested message handling method.


Public enumerationAccessoryType
Enumeration of possible accessory type responses.
Public enumerationOperationResult
Possible states of the previous turnout operation.
Public enumerationXpressnetMessage
Possible messages sent to the XpressNet device from the command station