About XpressnetLib

The aim of this project is to create a .NET class library for operation of a digital model railroad layout using XpressNet protocol. The library is created in C# and can be used with any .NET enabled programming language.

Current version contains elementary functionality for operating locomotives and accessories as supported by Roco #10764 command station/booster (the "black box" from Roco digital start set with Multimaus). CV programming is currently unsupported (will be implemented later as it slightly differs from the XpressNet standard), same as feedback (not supported by the Roco command station).

Working connection between command station and PC using GenLI, GenLI-USB, GenLI-Bluetooth or original Lenz module is required. The library was developed and tested with Roco #10764 command station, but as it uses standard calls defined in XpressNet specification, it should be possible to use it with all command stations supporting the previously mentioned connection interfaces to PC.

The library is freeware and is currently distributed only in binary form.

Future plans

The plan is to create a generic connector class implementing all v.3 XpressNet calls.

Feature plan for the next public release:


0.1.4195.39796 - 2011.6.27 - bugfixes and new features

0.1.4190.30384 - 2011.6.22 - first public release

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